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Why Your Business Productivity Sucks and 3 Ways to Improve It

When you think of being productive, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many entrepreneurs it’s some sort of marketing activity for others it’s simply getting a little bit more done than they did yesterday. The reality is, many entrepreneurs don’t have a...

Marketing Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

We are not in Med Man era anymore! Deal with it! Although women’s rights in big marketing firms are only slightly improved, from the period of misogynistic fifties, when guys like Roger H. Sterling ran the show, we now have the chance to start our own companies and...

Are You Resenting a Past Business or Life Experience?

After being married and having my second child, my son, I decided to take inspired action and start my first clothing company. With two small kids at home, I told myself I would never give up on my dreams, ever! It took one split second to decide to begin my business...

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