After being married and having my second child, my son, I decided to take inspired action and start my first clothing company. With two small kids at home, I told myself I would never give up on my dreams, ever! It took one split second to decide to begin my business life. I got up one day and remember feeling the carpet between my toes, as I consciously decided to start my business. I had a sudden feeling of certainty in my heart moving forward. I didn’t have any cash to start the company, but I didn’t care, I knew I would find a way.

After a year of starting my first clothing brand, I had two investors approach me, I chose one. We grew the company to have over 200 wholesale accounts around the world and a couple of retail stores. Suddenly six years later the partnership broke apart, sadly. I was devastated and within 9 months started my second clothing company from scratch, alone and without financial resources. Once again I made the conscious decision to kick my fears out of my head and do it anyway. Try these five things to move past a tough experience in business or life.

1. Find Your Inner Desires and Focus on What You Want, Keep Your Eye on The Gold

Take some time to reflect and learn from the lesson you are being presented with. Yes, you may be hurting inside, maybe you feel like a failure or that you are not good enough. Don ‘t believe the negative thoughts. Instead, focus all of your mental energy on what you truly want for the future. Really sit with your desires, look far and beyond. Bring yourself back to the present moment and really figure out what you want to change going forward. If you really truly want it, do more of what will get you to where you want to go.

3. Remind Yourself That the Way You Feel Now is Temporary and Move on as Soon as You Can.

Being a business owner is an exhilarating experience most of the time. But because we are taking risks, moving out of our comfort zones all the time. We can sometimes find ourselves in situations that increase our vulnerabilities. Find some time to feel your raw feelings and forgive yourself for making mistakes.

5. Patience, Persistence and Planning Are Three Things That Can Keep You on Track.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t forget to be persistent with your dreams. Planning to be successful and mapping out your goals can really amp up the momentum moving forward.  Remember if you feel uncomfortable you are on the right track!

2. Read Books Encouraging Personal and Business Growth, Against all Odds Stories

Books showing actual real life stories about people who have succeeded against all odds can really help you move past a rough spot. Feed your mind with positive stories and experiences, seeing someone else get through something hard will instantly show you the possibilities going forward.

4. Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Give up on Yourself or Your Dreams.

You may feel like giving up, but don’t! You will be surprised how you can learn and grow from your experiences. You will also be surprised by what is right around the corner. Trust me, I speak from experience. All of these events can lead to something, extraordinary, unexpected and totally unique compared to your idea of what will happen for you in business and life.

Author Bio

Sky Marcano helps Radical Dreamers in direct sales become more daring while marketing online. Sky has been running clothing companies for 13 years and is also a Huffington Post blogger. She is a mother to a 15 and 21 year old, wife and enthusiastic business woman who loves cooking! You can find her broadcasting on Periscope, hanging out in Facebook groups including her own and walking in nature or swimming in the ocean!