By 2025 researchers predict that Millennials will make up over 75% of the American workforce and wield over $600 Billion in spending power... My team of expert consultants and I can help you engage Millennial employees and consumers with ease!
Our Corporate trainings and consulting packages were established to help bridge the gap between Millennials and the corporate workplace, while maintaining the balance needed to keep all generations engaged in the workforce. Our team understands the Millennial/Corporate world relationship isn't always the easiest to establish. So how can the two parties have a better understanding and appreciation of each other now that Generation Z is also throwing their hats into the working and consumer ring? That's where our team comes in!!
Our team is dedicated to coaching and training everyone to a happier, more productive existence!

Millennials (anyone born between 1980 and 1997) and Zillennials (1997-2017 are the most educated and technologically-driven generations the world has ever witnessed, but there are damaging stereotypes that can cause companies to second-guess their abilities both as employees and consumers which in turn causes members of these generations to resign as employees and disengage (stop paying attention to your brand) as consumers.

Our Founder understands this concern and the impact on the organization personally as a Millennial who's spent ten years as an HR executive. 
We understand how lack of engagement of the most influential generations can be costly and damaging to a brand. In Amber's time in the Corporate-space, she was able to channel negative Millennial typecasts into an amazing, award-winning career where she broke-down stereotypes and barriers on both sides…and our team of rockstar consultants will do the same for your organizations.

We combine our passion and expertise in Millennials, Corporate Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, and Training. We're ready to serve you and your team! Reach out to our team below for a free consultation call!