Most service based entrepreneurs who are just starting out want to know “How can I book more clients?” I can vividly remember starting out and asking that question too- and trust me it was not in a good way. In this blog post I will share the major steps I took to get me from struggling to sell a $25 e-course, to getting high end clients asking me if they can work with 1:1 and getting them to pay in full right then and there on the phone.  (P.S. That was long before I started business coaching, for all of you who think life coaches can’t make bank too 😉 ). There really are 3 simple steps. Check them out below.

1. Get Clarity.

I cannot stress this point enough!

You being unclear, helping “everyone” and switching your business model every week is NOT a good look. Nobody trusts that. We’ve all heard people buy from people they know, like and trust. And people can’t trust you if you are inconsistent and shifty. In fact you don’t even trust you when you do that.

Get clear

Pick a niche

Pick a target

Pick a problem you solve and

Stick to it!

When you are clear on who you serve, what you do and why you do it, you attract the right people. I remember when I wanted to be everything to everyone, I ended up being nothing to no one, I had no clients, made no impact and made no income and frankly resented my “expensive hobby”.

2. Stop Hiding

Oh where oh where are you? You’re hiding!

Being a client magnet isn’t only about a gorgeous website and branding. I know a lot of people with pretty brands that have cobwebs everywhere, because they have no clients. And I also know people with the crappiest branding of the century who make multiple 6 figures or even crossed the 7 figure mark.

What counts is YOU

Your personality.

Your heart.

Your passion.

Your why.

People like people. People buy from people. People want to see more of you, they want to connect with you. Stop hiding. Let people know who you are and let people know what you do. I remember going to a conference and hiding in the restrooms during the break just so I didn’t have to talk to anyone. No wonder I was struggling to sell a $25 e-course back then

3. Be comfortable with your fears.

Listen even Bill Gates has fear, Steve Jobs had fears, Oprah has fears Even Queen B (Beyonce) has fear honey! Get over yourself.

Fear of failure, fear of criticism and judgement, even fear of your own success? It happens to everyone…. but let me ask you this. What is stronger? Your fear? Or your passion for your goals? If you are not attracting clients, and you’ve mastered steps 1 and 2, then you are letting your fears outweigh your passions.

Go back to step 1

Go get clarity on what your WHY is

What your passion is

What ignites you

Why is this a MUST for you!

Go back to step 2

Put yourself in the game

Go out and be social

Ditch the comparison and watching others from the sidelines

Hang out where your ideal clients are

Be brave let people know what you do and who you are!

Now of course there are other steps too like how to create the mindset practice that collapses your timeline and get you those clients in record time, or having programs and packages that ignite your potential client’s soul, or having the strategies and structures in place of a successful ladyboss… (and I do talk about these in my FREE mini course over at… but for now, work on steps 1 – 3 above.

Homework? Yes love, I give homework dearie… that my thang! 🙂 – Create a no excuses policy when it comes to putting yourself in the game. Commit to putting yourself out there no matter what. Now tweet that to your followers and let them know you have committed. Go on now, don’t be shy!

Author Bio

Shaneil Stewart (Miss Inspirer) is a Success Coach & Speaker For New Coaches & Service-Based Entrepreneurs Who Want To Stand Out In Their Industries And Book Their First High End Paying Clients. You can learn more about her at