We are not in Med Man era anymore! Deal with it! Although women’s rights in big marketing firms are only slightly improved, from the period of misogynistic fifties, when guys like Roger H. Sterling ran the show, we now have the chance to start our own companies and promote our products with love and care. That’s why in this article I will share several useful tips for other female entrepreneurs that I learned during my long entrepreneurship career.

Engage your customers… with presents

Everybody loves presents. I like both getting and giving them, which is why I can’t wait for Christmas. Since I became an entrepreneur, Christmas comes every month.  First I write a list of customers that were exceptionally good to me. People who made big orders, those who didn’t mind when I broke deadlines, those who gave me big tips and the ones who showed that they respect my work effort in their own way. Then I take one small part of my revenue and go ‘Christmas’ shopping. I buy whole bunch of promotional presents, from T shirts and mugs to hats and custom USBs. My customers love these gifts, they also love me and always make more orders.

Humanize your brand

Brand is not only about a logo, price or design, it’s also about people who stand behind it. Women are much better in creating relationships with buyers and assuring them that brand development is based only upon their needs and wishes. Successful branding results in long-term friendship between an entrepreneur and her customers, which is why you should use all means to make your brand warmer and friendlier. Dress it in Christmas sweaters in December, draw hearts on it in February and take it on the beach and mix it a cocktail under the palm tree in July.

Social media is the number one marketing channel

Women are pioneers of new social channels. My friends and I were using Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat long before any of our male colleagues dared to place his photo online and wait for likes and shares. We should use this advantage, follow new social media trends and use them to reach our targeted audience. Marketing strategy success starts the moment entrepreneur realizes that Facebook Ads platform is more interesting and fun than Candy Crush. Another important thing that every female entrepreneur should have in mind is that social media market is changing fast. Although it looks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram cemented their place on the top of social network tree, Snapchat example tells us that we should constantly look for new social channels for reaching our audience.

Use many direct communication channels

Today everybody are hooked up on e-commerce. People are writing long list of benefits and glorifying online shopping revolution that’s going on in recent years. In my opinion all benefits of e-commerce can be easily swept by one skillful salesman/woman from a regular brick and mortar store. That’s because I believe that nothing can replace direct contact between company official and a customer.

Of course I realize all the benefits e-commerce comes with. It overcomes geographic limitations and saves tones of company’s money. That’s great! And it would be even better if it’s complemented with several direct communication channels without answering machines and offline support and sales specialists. So, if your partner criticizes you because you look at your smartphone screen all the time, start doing it even more from now on. Chat, tweet, skypeand snapchat with your customers until you drop… and find a new partner of course.

Hopefully in 50 years or so, we will watch TV shows about licentious female entrepreneurs and their successful marketing campaigns. If this happens, I would like to be portrayed by Emma Stone, but only if she keeps her current good looks.

Author Bio

Lilly J Adams has worked for six years in different marketing agencies across Australia. Her specialties are advertising, digital marketing, marketing for small businesses and consumers behavior. She loves art, books and watching crime TV dramas.